Μονωτικά Υλικά Ground Zero GZDM 1900ML-GOLD


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Μονωτικά Υλικά Ground Zero GZDM 1900ML-GOLD

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 New bitumen product developed under aeronautic aspects. 

 Very flexible multi-layered damping material with a layer of polymer based on butyl rubber in combination

 with bitumen mastic and aluminum foil outer surface.

 For easy handling and mounting the material is equipped with a layer of self-adhesive glue.

 Technical Specification

 Total Thickness    4,2 mm / 0.165" (GOST 17073)

 Mass (kg/m²), at least 6,5 kg (GOST 17073)             

 Mechanical loss factor 0.6 (DIN EN ISO 6721-3:1996/method A)

 Mounting temperature range +18°C - +30°C

 Fire risk: burning rate non-flammable 100 (GOST 25076)

 Durability of connection (N/cm)    5 (GOST 25076)

 Package content 10 sheets

 Size per sheet 375 mm x 500 mm / 14,76“ x 19,69“

 Total surface 1,875 m² / 20,18 ft²